Members of the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Reinsurance Association:

We want to make members aware of a change in the WCRA claim reimbursement check processing.

The WCRA will be using a third-party vendor for reimbursement check generation and mailing. The information previously contained on the WCRA check stubs remains unchanged but will appear in a slightly different format. The remittance letters previously sent with checks have now been incorporated into the check generation process and appear on the second page of the check document. As a new and improved step in the process, a copy of the check and any remittance information will be available to view or print on our eMember website for member-designated claim correspondents and reimbursement contacts with an eMember account.

This new process will begin before the end of April.  As always, providing the highest standard of excellence to our members remains of foremost importance to the WCRA. Please contact any member of our senior management team if you have questions or comments.